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Meeting 5 (March 8th, 2021)

General updates were shared, as well as an overview of the SE PCA grant project that will support regionwide prioritization, planning, outreach, and species pilot projects. We also heard from multiple states presenting about their new Recovery Challenge grant projects, followed by questions and discussion time. 

Meeting 5 recording

Meeting 5 chat text


  1. Introduction (15 minutes)
    1. Recently developed materials
      1. SE PCA info-sheet
      2. New website
      3. Social media
        1. Facebook
        2. Instagram
        3. Twitter
    2. Activities
      1. Shareable info-sheet
      2. Membership catalog survey (open)
      3. Ex situ gap analysis (open)
  1. Leadership team updates 
    1. Preliminary planning
    2. Strategic plans for future meetings
    3. Task team development and activities 
  1. Improving plant conservation recovery outcomes through the SE PCA (10 minutes)
  1. Recovery Challenge Cost Share Grant Updates (45 minutes)
    1. Tennessee – David Lincicome, TN Division of Natural Areas
    2. North Carolina – Lesley Starke, NC Plant Conservation Program & Mike Kunz, NC Botanical Garden
    3. Georgia – Lisa Kruse, GA Department of Natural Resources
  1. Additional Questions & Discussions (20 minutes)