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SE Plants RSCN Survey Overview Meeting (March 14th, 2022)

This meeting was an informative & instructional overview for the SE Plants RSGCN Survey Team.

Survey Team invitees

  • Natural heritage network/ state agency botanists
  • Federal agency biologists/ botanists/ ecologists
  • State Plant Conservation Alliance coordinators
  • Other botanical experts

Survey Team activities

  • Review preliminary taxa list &  associated data (developed by NatureServe)
  • Participation in assessment survey to provide additional information about species’ status, threats, & needs
  • Improve current data & inform decision-making by the Technical Team
  • 10 – 20 hours (January – November)

March 14th SE PCA RSGCN Survey Overview Meeting Agenda

  • Southeastern PCA – Carrie Radcliffe, SE PCA/ Atlanta Botanical Garden (20 min)
    • Welcome & SE PCA Background 
    • SE PCA RSGCN Overview 
  • Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need (10 min)
    • RSGCN History & Purpose – Karen Terwilliger & Tracy Rice, Terwilliger Consulting, Inc. 
    • RSGCN Benefits – Jon Ambrose, Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Wildlife Diversity Committee/ Georgia DNR Wildlife Conservation 
  • Preliminary SE Plants Priority List – Amanda Treher, NatureServe (15 min)
    • Pre-screening Methodology
    • Global Status Assessment Goals
  • SE Plants RSGCN Species Assessment Survey – Sarah Norris, SE PCA/ ABG (10 min)
    • Online Resources
      • Invitation
      • Website
      • Survey access
    • Survey Process
      • Questions to answer
      • Sending survey back

Q & A/ Discussion (20 – 35 min)

Links to RSGCN Survey meeting materials:

Meeting recording

Meeting chat text

Meeting slides