Meeting 8 (September 13th, 2020)

Southeastern PCA updates included an overview of FWS Pilot Projects being implemented with partners across the region and an announcement that funding has been secured to develop a Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need list for SE plants. The draft Logic Model assembled from our leadership team’s recent strategic planning… Read More »Meeting 8 (September 13th, 2020)

Meeting 7 (July 12th, 2020)

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) presented the results of the Ex Situ Gap Analysis for Southeastern priority plants. This project utilized a tiered priority taxa list created in conjunction with NatureServe, who will gave a summary of its development. Both the analysis and the species list will guide ongoing planning… Read More »Meeting 7 (July 12th, 2020)

Meeting 6 (May 10th)

This meeting provided a review of the development of the Southeastern PCA, from 2016 & 2020 to present. This served as a refresher for those who have participated in the Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation (SePPCon) events, as well as informing newer participants and members of the SE PCA. An… Read More »Meeting 6 (May 10th)

Southeastern PCA collaboration with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The Southeastern Plant Conservation Alliance has been working with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to prioritize federally listed plant species, promote region-wide planning, and select species for pilot project implementation. Funding will be allocated to partners in support of on-the-ground conservation activities and outreach efforts for a subset of… Read More »Southeastern PCA collaboration with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

SE PCA involvement in national advocacy to support native plants and conservation

The Southeastern PCA was proud to join many National Groups in reaching out to the new administration to share information about the need to prioritize conservation and restoration of native plants, habitats, and ecosystems. – our signature was included in a letter sent to D.C, along with our rare plant… Read More »SE PCA involvement in national advocacy to support native plants and conservation

Meeting 5 (March 8th)

General updates were shared, as well as an overview of the SE PCA grant project that will support regionwide prioritization, planning, outreach, and species pilot projects. We also heard from multiple states presenting about their new Recovery Challenge grant projects, followed by questions and discussion time.  Meeting 5 recording Audio… Read More »Meeting 5 (March 8th)

SE Plant Collections Survey

The Southeastern Plant Conservation Alliance (SE PCA), in collaboration with the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S., is conducting an ex situ collections survey of Southeastern plant species. This survey encompasses the most threatened species in the Southeast that are high priority for conservation. Our aim is to identify… Read More »SE Plant Collections Survey

Southeast Regional Resources and Contact Catalog Survey

Please participate in the Southeastern Plant Conservation Alliance contact survey to be included in the SE PCA 2021 resource catalog – This is an opportunity to share who you are, where you work, and your areas of expertise with others in our region to encourage networking and collaboration. Go to survey in Google Forms Thank you for… Read More »Southeast Regional Resources and Contact Catalog Survey

Meeting 4 (January 11th)

New Year updates on National Advocacy efforts & SE PCA materials; options for periodic newsletter and website features; overview and brainstorming of tentative plans for 2021. Meeting 4 recording Audio only from meeting 4 Meeting 4 chat text Meeting Agenda (with notes added): Updates National advocacy updates New administration transition… Read More »Meeting 4 (January 11th)