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Southeastern Plants Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need (RSGCN)

Download the Southeastern Plants RSGCN

Completed in September 2023, the Southeastern Plants RSGCN List is the
first plants RSGCN list in the nation.

Click the links above to download the full RSGCN list and a digital copy of the printed report. If you would like a physical copy of the printed report, please email to request one.

About the RSGCN

The SE PCA along with NatureServe, Terwilliger Consulting Inc, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and the Southeast Flora team, with funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, have developed the nation’s first RSGCN for plants. State and regional experts have worked together to create the SE Plants RSGCN based on information regarding distribution, status, threats, and conservation needs. This list will promote long-term conservation goals of imperiled Southeastern plant species.

40% of plant species
extirpated in the US since
European settlement have
been from the Southeast

15 Southeastern US states include
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri,
North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia

SE Plants RSGCN will directly
enhance data, consistency,
capacity, and awareness for
plant conservation

Data will support state
applications and projects for
funding under the Recovering
America’s Wildlife Act

The below graphic represents the standard processes of updating species information (left) and the associated
RSGCN list update process (right).  These two processes work in tandem to ensure up-to-date species
information is available for local, state, and national conservation

Recorded Meetings

RSGCN Introduction Meeting
January 10, 2022
Project Planning Team Meeting
January 31, 2022
Data and Methodology Planning Meeting
February 24, 2022
Survey Overview Meeting
March 14, 2022

Project Planning Team Meeting
April 4, 2022

Project Planning Team Survey Results Analysis Meeting
April 29, 2022
Survey Results Meeting
May 9, 2022

Project Planning Team Meeting
June 6, 2022


Survey Results + Consensus List Review Meeting #1
July 11, 2022
Survey Results + Consensus List Review Meeting #2
August 15, 2022
Survey Results + Consensus List Review Meeting #3
August 22, 2022

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