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Meeting 4 (January 11th, 2021)

New Year updates on National Advocacy efforts & SE PCA materials; options for periodic newsletter and website features; overview and brainstorming of tentative plans for 2021.

Meeting 4 recording

Meeting 4 chat text

Meeting Agenda (with notes added):

  1. Updates
    1. National advocacy updates
      1. New administration transition team letters
        1. National Plant Conservation Alliance/ Campaign letter
        2. Wildlife Recovery & Public Lands Restoration letter
      2. Sign up for NPCC email updates
  1. SE PCA materials 
    1. Info-sheet for public (cover letter for new administration being drafted)
      1. Digital with hyperlinks
      2. Color for print
      3. B/W for print
  1. Membership catalog survey (open)
    1. ~180 responses so far
    2. Can combine with 2016 survey and replace duplicates
  1. Website development
    1. (temporary website – SePPCon will stay, but SePCA will come off)
    2. (new site – in progress)
      1. Outline
        1. Home page
        2. Contact & email list sign up
        3. News (will change to “Updates”)
        4. Meetings (summaries & materials)
        5. Plant Conservation Resources (links)
        6. Regional Contacts (will be populated by survey)
        7. Strategic Planning (will be added as developed)
        8. Rare Plant Permitting (will be compiled/ listed by state)
        9. Other pages (we can have up to 10 at current price paid)
      2. Suggestions
        1. Add page dedicated to PCA links and contacts
        2. Master calendar with conferences, meetings, etc. 
        3. Mississippi Plant Conservation Alliance does have a website– – this can be added to the Resources page
  1. Periodic newsletter/ website features
    1. Newsletters will require more time and effort to compose and design
    2. Feature periodic stories to highlight partners/ projects on the new website
      1. Develop a template for submissions
        1. Limited text – 500-1,000 words?
        2. Photos with credits
      2. Create an example/ mock-up?
  1. Tentative plans for 2021
    1. Leadership call in February – Will set up Doodle Poll 
      1. Discuss strategic planning participation and timeline 
      2. Decide on meeting plans and task team activities
  1. Bi-monthly calls
    1. March tentative plans
      1. BGCI ex situ gap analysis results
      2. NatureServe species prioritization scheme
      3. SE Plant Species of Greatest Conservation Need
      4. Improving plant conservation recovery outcomes through the Southeastern Plant Conservation Alliance with FWS SE
  1. May – summer meetings
    1. Likely to include some interactive planning activities
    2. Can shift schedule to be less often and/ or change format
    3. Consider task teams utilizing time to meet/ work
    4. Email Carrie with suggestions
  1. Consider field work, possibly switch to quarterly calls at some point
  1. SWAP updates
    1. From Tara Littlefield – Kentucky NH met with their state F&W and set up a committee to add Plants to their SWAP!
    2. From Lesley Starke – North Carolina tried to amend their SWAP by adding their state priority plant list but is creating a committee to get Plants added to their SWAP for 2025!
    3. From Patrick Thompson – Alabama is also working to add plants to their SWAP – an amendment should be added this year!
    4. From Jon Ambrose – the goal is to have 25 or more states with plants in SWAPs, and this many states do have something in the works for the next revision (2025)
  1. Legislation updates
    1. From Jon – RAWA is currently being re-drafted by Sean Seville with AFWA for reintroduction as a standalone Bill
      1. This will include the broader definition of Species of Greatest Conservation Need from H.R. 2 (Moving Forward/ Infrastructure Act) that included flora, as well as fauna
      2. Also includes 5% funding incentive for states with Plants as SGCN
  1. H.R. 6395 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021
    1. Became law – full text available here
    2. Includes language about native plants and pollinators