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Meeting 6 (May 10th, 2021)

This meeting provided a review of the development of the Southeastern PCA, from 2016 & 2020 to present. This served as a refresher for those who have participated in the Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation (SePPCon) events, as well as informing newer participants and members of the SE PCA. An overview of strategic planning materials was shared in preparation for continued virtual planning activities. We also provided updates on the FWS – SE PCA grant and pilot projects, which will include the creation of species-focused working groups to support recovery goals. 

Virtual Strategic Planning timeline

Online, digital activities utilizing Mural application (to be completed on your own time) opened for consecutive 8 day periods.

May 10th – 17th:  Review Strategic planning overview recording & development outline. 

May 17th – 24th:  Review & update S.W.O.T. Analysis. 

May 24th – 31st:  Set ‘Priorities & Intended Goals’

May 31st – June 7th: Review and update ‘Resources/ Inputs’ for Logic Model. 

June 7th – 14th: Review and update ‘Activities’ for Logic Model. 

June 14th – 21st: Review and update ‘Outputs’ for Logic Model. 

June 21st – 28th: Review and update ‘Outcomes’ for Logic Model. 

June 28th – July 5th: Review and update ‘Impacts’ for Logic Model. 

July 5th – July 12th : Review/ integrate components for updated Logic Model. 

Instructions, links, and short recordings will accompany activities for each week. 

Link to strategic planning component categories on Mural:

Add your name for the SE PCA Strategic Planning component(s) you want to help develop

Links to Meeting 6 materials:

Meeting 6 recording

Meeting 6 presentation slides

Meeting 6 chat text