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Meeting 8 (September 13th, 2021)

Southeastern PCA updates included an overview of FWS Pilot Projects being implemented with partners across the region and an announcement that funding has been secured to develop a Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need list for SE plants. The draft Logic Model assembled from our leadership team’s recent strategic planning efforts was shared and discussed. Feedback, as well as future breakout sessions, will be used to refine strategic content that will be utilized in the development of resources for outreach efforts.

Links to Meeting 8 materials:

Meeting 8 Slides

Meeting 8 recording

Meeting 8 chat text

Strategic Planning Summary Statements

  • The biodiversity of habitats and plant species in the Southeastern U.S. and the ecosystem services they provide offer us resiliency in the face of our changing climate. 
  • But these natural resources are largely overlooked, underfunded, and are vulnerable to multiple ongoing threats, which will lead to additional and irreplaceable losses. 
  • Therefore cohesive action in the Southeast can prevent the further extinction of critical plant species and provide security and momentum for the entire U.S.