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SE Plant Collections Survey

The Southeastern Plant Conservation Alliance (SE PCA), in collaboration with the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S., is conducting an ex situ collections survey of Southeastern plant species.

This survey encompasses the most threatened species in the Southeast that are high priority for conservation. Our aim is to identify which species are currently maintained in living collections, and which are not. This will help to assess ex situ conservation needs and regional progress toward conservation goals. Summary results will be shared broadly with the SE PCA network.

Our team is using BGCI’s PlantSearch database to identify which institutions hold important collections of at least one of the high priority species. If your garden hasn’t already done so, we kindly request that you upload a list of species maintained in your living seed and plant collections. There is no cost associated with uploading a list to Plantsearch, and it offers valuable information about your collection, such as global threat status and rarity in cultivation. Please note, by contributing data to this study, you are agreeing to BGCI’s Data Sharing Agreement.

Please email or upload your garden’s taxa list for PlantSearch preferably by February 19, 2021. See PlantSearch Upload Instructions.

Please contact to share your taxa list directly, or with any questions.

Many thanks!

Carrie Radcliffe

Chair & Coordinator

Southeastern Plant Conservation Alliance

Botanic Gardens Conservation International is conducting an ex situ plant collections gap analysis for southeastern rare plant species.

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